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How would you feel if someone robbed your home or stole your bag with all of your valuable information, credit cards, money, keys, telephones etc. You know that even reporting the theft means nothing and does not guarantee the location of your stolen possessions or
irreplaceable values, I know, I was in that situation a few months ago.......BUT NOW THERE IS A SOLUTION !, WE FOUND THE SOLUTION and our team will be able to tell you exactly where your possessions are located!

What if someone stole your car , your precious automobile! and disappeared from town, perhaps into another region or European country - don't worry, we can tell you exactly where your car can be found !

- Portable, compact size, low power design.
- Support cut-off electricity and oil function and recovery command
- Support electronic fence function

And if your precious little pet strayed away from your home and went on a neighbourhood excursion, or even further afield....We will tell you exactly where your pet is located!

For as low as €21/month including a tracker device* or €255/each without contract,, we can ensure that your possessions are never lost but FOUND.....anywhere in Portugal,Europe..even the world!

Contact us NOW to get your tracker and join our SAFETY NETWORK THROUGHOUT PORTUGAL and EUROPE.
*company-owned devices supplied with subscription.